Lismelder Tribe

This is a map of the Lismelder Tribe lands in Sartar.

Lismelder Clans

The Lismelder in 1616 chose a pro-Lunar king. They used to be anti-Lunar before Starbrow’s rebellion. In 1617 the tribe has a population of about 5000. The following table shows the current status of the clans:

LismelderHarvald the HairyPro-Lunar  1250
BostropBega BostropPro-LunarRichWeak100*
GoodswordAelgard of SwordvaleAnti-LunarPoorStrong200
GoodweaverMeglid DuckmanNeutralRichWeak120
GreydogKornos LongbrewerAnti-LunarAverageAverage190
HillhavenBoforst Breath-ShamanNeutrallAverageAverage150
LonendiTakaril TenspearNeutralAverageAverage150
MarshedgeAlfgar GrimbladeAnti-LunarAverageAverage130
PossHarvald the HairyPro-LunarRichAvergae210

*the Bostrop Clan fyrd would be unlikely to ever fight. They rely on mercenary troops expecially Yelmalio worshippers.