Glorantha™ is a fantasy world created by Greg Stafford and first appeared in board war games such as White Bear and Red Moon (later called Dragon Pass). The current role-playing game set in Glorantha™ is RuneQuest Glorantha® published by Chaosium. This page provides links to pages on this site about Glorantha.

Balazar – the Balazar Map by Carl Sifford

The Colymar Tribe – details of the Colymar Tribe in Sartar in about 1616.

The Lismelder Tribe – details of the Lismelder Tribe in Sartar in around 1616.

PavisQuest – a set of RPG rules incorporating a tactical combat system for playing in a Glorantha game set in Prax or Dragon Pass in the period 1615-1625. This assumes you own an official set of rules such as the current RuneQuest or an older set of rules such as RuneQuest 2 or 3 or HeroQuest. This is the current rules we are using.

The Sambari Tribe – details of the Sambari Tribe in Sartar in around 1616.

Other Glorantha Rule Sets

All these sets of rules require you to have an official set of Glorantha rules to use them as described in PavisQuest above.

Halberd Glorantha – a complete and rather detailed RPG.